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And in general, why does so much of the debate over these admissions discrepancies operate according to a tacit assumption, that to discuss black kids getting better at the tests is ticklish at best and piggish at worst? Most easily dismissed is the idea that standardized tests such as the SHSAT measure nothing that would be valuable in deciding whether a child is poised to do well in a highly competitive school.

For example, if the test fails to catch a significant portion of what makes a top student, perhaps focusing on too narrow a skill set, then just what additional skills will the elimination or marginalization of the test bring in? We must be precise.

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Plus, if white and Asian kids regularly do much better in the aggregate on this test than black kids, then clearly that test is measuring something that black kids are not measuring up to. On what grounds does the city decide that this something merits no attention? And honestly, who truly believes that this something has nothing whatsoever to do with being a high-achieving student?

I sense a background suspicion among some that black kids are just not up to acing such tests on some ineradicable level. However, there are plenty of black people of different mind; Richard Parsons is not alone. Plus, the idea of black kids managing that test is no pie-in-the-sky abstraction: It was a reality back in the day. In , out of 2, students at Stuyvesant were black; in , Many New Yorkers including me recall it being hardly unusual for black students to attend the elite public schools until well into the s. The issue is not how New York can create something brand new, but how the city can make things the way they were.

Also, the issue is not that the nonblack kids have access to expensive test preparation that is unavailable to the black ones. For several years, New York City has offered free test preparation to its students, some for low-income students , some for all.

The problem has been that too many black families are unaware of the service or do not take advantage of it. Leaving aside the number of immigrant kids admitted to the top schools despite the flaws in these ailing public schools, many suppose that until the system improves, places such as Stuyvesant have a civic responsibility to admit black kids with lower test scores than those allowed to other kids. The city, that is to say, must redefine excellence according to the performance levels possible in a system distorted by systemic racism.

Some might consider that outcome just deserts for those favored in a society riven with inequality, and perhaps even as a constructive wake-up call to them. However, we must consider that this lowered quality would apply also to the black kids newly admitted under these lowered standards; the city would admit these students into elite schools no longer as rigorous as they once were. Let us address, then, a question less easily dismissed than polite discussion trains us to suppose: How can we make black kids in New York better at the SHSAT? Many immigrant kids take test-prep courses and practice tests.

There is no evidence that doing this is impossible for a critical mass of black American students in New York.

Rather, we hear simply of the admissions disparities, and—as mentioned above— the fact that black families often do not know the test exists, or how to learn to prepare for it. Today , 10 New York districts where nine in 10 students are black or Latino have either one or no gifted-and-talented program in the public elementary schools. The decline in gifted programs may well have something to do with the dearth of black students at elite high schools. And if talented black students were once again regularly tracked into these programs, more would likely qualify for schools such as Stuyvesant.

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