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You can track your device from any web browser or smartphone. When you receive your tracker, you will be able to log into the tracking app for iOS or Android or any web browser and begin tracking. What if I have questions about my tracker? Please contact us for information and help about your tracker.

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What does the monthly service cost? GPS trackers have to communicate their location on cellular networks. You can learn more about GPS tracking service. What if I want to cancel my tracking service? You can cancel your service at any time. Track in real-time with your cellphone or with a web browser. Keep track of loved ones, children and older adults with an easy-to-use tracking app. The Qbit is so small it can be easily placed in a backpack or purse. It includes a USB charger and charging cable, a lanyard and a SIM card so you have everything you need to start tracking immediately.

Your Qbit will immediately call your cellphone and you will be able to hear live audio from the tracker. You can also configure the tracker to work in two-way mode. The tracker can automatically call your cellphone when the button is pressed. With this feature enabled, you can have two-way conversations. This feature can be helpful for tracking young children and older adults. The Qbit is so tiny it fits easily in the palm of your hand and makes it an ideal personal tracker.

The battery lasts days between charges and it can be slipped into a backpack or purse. The Qbit is the smallest tracker with live audio that is commercially available and is used for all kinds of applications where only an extremely small GPS tracker will suffice. The Qbit is a versatile tracker and can be useful for lots of applications. See a breakdown of all the trackers features and benefits.

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C — June 26, We love the product. We are using it to track our dogs on our farm. I get an alert if they get away from our home area. My mom is travelling in Mexico for missionary work, and I was worried about the kidnappings you hear about. I will def recommend this to people. Obi One — September 29, I spent a good time researching trackers, especially small to conceal.

I want to use it when loved ones travel to Mexico. Kidnappings are a serious problem in the area we visit. In the states I found it to work accurately.

In Mexico, it has worked as well so far. I can even confirm where they are as I talk to them, even in rural areas.

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It gives peace of mind. I believe it works on the 2G network and I read the US is phasing it out but it worked in the midwest. I also learned that Mexico has a strong 2G network and I imagine any country south of the border should. The tracking is the most important feature so I can say that it works great. I am considering buying more with the coupon I received from them. Thank you. The small, lightweight design is a definite plus. Easy to put into a pocket. The listening application is great. You should now sit back and relax.

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It provides you with the accurate location of the targeted device. No wonder, your target can be an employee too. He can no more enjoy bunks. You will find GPS tracker useful in:. However, you know the dangers they might go through. Yes, you should be concerned about their safety. Being a parent, you should be aware of their current locations.

But how? Because of a reason or the other. BlurSPY is the solution of all your worries regarding your youngsters. You will also get notified whenever your kids leave safe zones.

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Spying is not only for catching the black sheep. You need it whenever you want to evaluate your employees. Top Stuff!! Key Features Unlimited Trackpoints We display the entire route, from start to finish. Real-Time Data Elapsed time, distance and more. Weather Data Real-time weather data per waypoint. Customization We customise the GPS tracker to suit your challenge. For who? Individuals Single GPS tracking maps. Businesses Asset trackers, fleetmanagers and other custom solutions.

Why choose us? We believe that every challenge is unique and therefore deserves a unique map. Do you have specific wishes or idea's?